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Black chicken, a specialty of Tuyen Quang province

TQO - Black chicken is a rare and precious chicken breed raised by ethnic people in the upland regions of Tuyen Quang province and characterised by five-toed paws, black flesh, black bones and a low fat concentration.

Currently, this breed has been replicated in many localities across the province, thus creating quite a plentiful supply. The delicious dishes made from black chicken are also indispensable in restaurant menus.

Tuyen Quang’s black chicken is a much favoured dish by many people. 

Black chicken can be cooked into many tasty dishes by being fried, grilled, stir-fried, steamed and stewed. However, the simplest dish that preserves the flavour of black chicken is boiled chicken served with a lime, salt and pepper dipping sauce. Salt roasted chicken, featuring chicken cut into bite-sized pieces, seasoned, wrapped in aluminum foil, and then grilled in hot salt, is also quite an interesting dish.

In particular, black chicken congee is a healthy dish for all. A whole black chicken is put into the pot of congee and boiled so that the sweetness of chicken is absorbed into each aromatic roasted rice grain. The fleshy part is then torn into pieces and put in a congee bowl, making it a folk remedy for helping people deal with health problems during bad weather conditions.

In addition, there are chicken soup, grilled chicken and steamed chicken cooked with typical spices and herbs in upland areas, such as michelia tonkinensis seeds, zanthoxylum rhetsa seeds and clausena indica leaves, thereby creating dishes with distinct flavours.

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