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An attractive destination in Yen Thuan

TQO - Cao Duong Hamlet, Yen Thuan Commune, Ham Yen District is located at an altitude of of nearly 1,000m above sea level. The cool year-round climate along with diverse flora and fauna has created favorable conditions for Cao Duong to develop tourism.

Panorama view of Cao Duong Hamlet from above.

Most backpackers is impressed  by Cao Duong because of nature beauty and cultural identities of ethnic minority groups of H'mong and Dao Ao Dai in the locality.

Coming to Cao Duong, they can admire "cloud streams" every morning and then ride a motorbike to exploit Gio Pass, Qua Na Caves, Roi Caves, Heaven Gate, etc. In the evening, they experience the life of local peole at homestay facilities, and even listen to the howling of yellow-tailed monkeys through the mountains. It is a wonderful echo!

Especially, visitors can also enjoy specialties dishes of ethnic people such as smoked black pork, dried buffalo meat, black chicken, boiled pumpkin, stir-fried bamboo shoots, roasted locust, and corn wine, etc.

According to statistics, more than 13 tours have visited Cao Duong Hamlet in the half of 2021.

H'mong people in Cao Duong Hamlet preserving their cultural identities to develop tourism.

Realising the tourism potential of Cao Duong Hamlet, local authorities have planned to make Cao Duong as an tourist destination, attracting a lot of visitors.

Initially, Yen Thuan Commune has conducted a survey of households in the locality, classified ethnic groups and their customs, then instructed households the way to develop homestay services.

In addition, the commune has communicated the locals to strictly protect the diverse flora and fauna in Cao Duong, save clean water source and preserve traditional stilt houses. Promoting cultivation under organic standards and establishing performance teams to greet tourists have been encouraged widely in the locality.

With the advantage of cool climate all year round, the commune has mobilised people to grow Tam Hoa plum trees in the hilly areas in order to create check-in points for visitors amidst plum flower seasons as well as sell clean plum fruits, improving their incomes.

Ly Kim Thach, a Dao Ao Dai man in Cao Duong Hamlet confided: "Recently, my family and 5 other households in the hamlet enjoyed a trip organised by local authorities to visit and experiece the way to develop homestay tourism in Hong Thai Commune (Na Hang District), Mai Chau District (Hoa Binh Province), and Moc Chau District (Son La Province). Thanks to this trip, we learns many useful things. I hope that Cao Duong soon becomes an desirable destination, attracting tourists both inside and outside the province in the near future.”.

Quang Hoa

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