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Solidarity of the people of Ban Bung

TQO - Ban Bung Hamlet, Thanh Tuong Commune (Na Hang) is located in the core zone of Tat Ke - Ban Bung special-use forest. Nearly 50 years ago, some Tay households came here to set up villages. Currently, Ban Bung has 48 households, in which mainly Tay and Dao ethnic minorities.

With 5 ethnic groups living together, including Tay, Dao, Kinh, Mong and La Ha, in which the Tay and Dao make up the majority. In order to preserve the traditional culture, in Ban Bung Hamlet, individuals who go to school and learn by themselves and teach traditional culture to the people.

The people of Ban Bung now have many well-off households, their living standards are gradually improved, the average income is estimated at over VND38 million per person per year. The number of poor households in the commune is currently 22 households, it is expected that this year will reduce another 10 poor households.

In particular, the Ban Bung Front Working Committee has a plan to lend unsecured loans to a number of poor households in the commune in 2023, to change the structure of crops and livestock.

At present, the hamlet's central culture house is under construction and is about to be completed. To facilitate construction, people in the locality voluntarily donated land to build roads. This year, the hamlet reviewed and mobilized a number of households to renovate their houses, participate in learning to implement a project to develop community tourism (Homestay) in the hamlet.

In Ban Bung, the spirit of solidarity is always as strong as the green color of the forests, which is always protected by the people!

Le Duy

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