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Joint efforts to keep village in Yen Phu clean and beautiful

TQO - "Tuyen Quang joins hands to against plastic waste" movement in Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen District has contributed to raising awareness of local people and attracting a large number of people to participate.

The Women Union of Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen District maintains effectively the traditional rattan and bamboo weaving craft to contribute to both improving incomes for its member and joining hands to reduce plastic waste.

According to the chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Yen Phu Commune Nguyen Van Khue, the "village sanitation map" model has been maintained in 23 out of 23 hamlets in the commune. This model has brought practical efficiency. The rate of households having bathroom, hygienic toilet increases with 82%. Households which are assessed by green, yellow or red triangles, will be the criteria for evaluating annual culture families.

The total amount of solid waste generated from daily activities in the locality is estimated at 1,5 tonnes per day. In which, organic waste accounts for about 70%, plastic waste 8,0%, inorganic waste and impurities 22%. Because there is no service to collect and transport garbage for treatment in the commune, the locals has proactively classified waste and build bioga digester at home.

Recently, the "Tuyen Quang joins hands to against plastic waste" movement in Yen Phu Commune has achieved encouraging results. Up to date, 100% of agencies and units in the commune do not use plastic items such plastic bottles and cups. The whole commune has build and preserved 19 models of environmental self-management and 3 self-management models of waste treatment and plastic waste fight.  The commune has also cleared “black spots” of garbage in a number of places in the locality.

Ly Thinh

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