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Tuyen Quang Newspaper launches online English edition

TQO - The English edition of Tuyen Quang Newspaper went liveon June 19 as the official English-language information portal of Vietnam’s northern province.

Delegates at the launch ceremony.        Photo: Thanh Cong

The site was launched with the aim ofintroducing the province’s potential and strengths to English readers both in Vietnam and abroad, thereby helping to attract investment for local socio-economic development.

With major sections including News, Business, Culture, Travel and Videos, the English-language website features a clean and modern design that suits most foreign readers.

Delegates press a button tolaunch the English-language edition of Tuyen Quang Newspaper.
Photo: Thanh Cong

In the future, Tuyen Quang Newspaper will continue to employ up-to-date practices in online journalism in order to meet the growing demand of readers.

Thu Hang

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