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Mountain sounds

TQO - Mountainous sounds in particular and folk sounds in general have been increasingly exploited by Vietnamese artists in a variety of ways, from the way of selecting and processing materials to the genre of music. Among them, the "A Loi" song of Double2T - Vietnamese Rap season 3 champion Bui Xuan Truong - a son of his hometown Tuyen Quang is still causing a storm on social networks.

The pervasiveness of this song in particular and especially the sound and quality of the highlanders conveyed through the song have created a positive effect. Recently, a group of students from Tan Trao Tuyen Quang High School won the championship prize at the festival of school dance groups in Khanh Hoa. Next, a number of dance groups in schools or music lovers also took material from Xuan Truong's song for inspiration. Clearly, mountainous sounds are spreading in the lives of Tuyen Quang people, especially the younger generation.

Before "A Loi", the colorful sounds of the mountains were also expressed by Doan Thuy Trang and Big Daddy in "Tinh Yeu Mau Nang" or the image of Hoang Thuy Linh singer in H'mong ethnic costumes in the song "De My Noi Cho Ma Nghe" also left many impressions.

It can be affirmed that the mountainous sounds loved by the audience are a positive signal for the culture of ethnic communities, especially the 22 ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang, to be promoted more deeply.

Hoang Anh

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