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Minced meat rolled in bamboo shoot slices

TQO - Coming the highland districts of Tuyen Quang, visitors can easily enjoy many specialties made from bamboo shoots, including minced meat rolled in bamboo shoot slice.

Making this dish is simple. Firstly, choose large bamboo shoots and boil them for about two to three hours. After removing all the old layers and cutting it into 5-7cm long pieces, the cook uses a knife to thinly slice the bamboo shoot into thin slices.

The meat is usually bacon because it has both fat and lean, the fat helps to increase the delicious taste of bamboo shoots. Next, the laksa leaves are washed and chopped, mixed with pureed meat and eggs, and then added a little seasoning.

Next, put the meat in the middle of bamboo shoot slice, then roll it up and put it in the steamer until it is cooked.

The dish should be dipped in a bowl of mixed lemon and chili or a bowl of 'me' (fermented rice).

Thuy Nga

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