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Yen Son District develops key crops into a specialised cultivation area

TQO - In recent years, the People's Committee of Yen Son District has restructured the agricultural sector in the direction of enhancing value, taking its advantages and potential of agricultural production in each region.

The Dao ethnic people in Hamlet 7, Quy Quan Commune escape poverty thanks for growing pomelo trees.

The district has 4,960 hectares of fruit trees such as grapefruit, longan, lychee, oranges and tangerines. In which, the area of pomelo trees is 4,090 hectares while the area being harvested is 3,000 hectares, mostly concentrated in the communes of Phuc Ninh, Xuan Van, Thang Quan, Tu Quan, Luc Hanh, Quy Quan and Trung Truc.

In addition to the two brands of Soi Ha and Phuc Ninh pomelo, Yen Son District has possessed two more brands of VietGAP Luc Hanh pomelo and Phuc Ninh organic converted pomelo.

Besides the pomelo tree - a key crop, the district has proactively expanded tea tree growing areas. Currently, the district has 2,685 hectares of tea trees, the average yield is over 10.4 tonnes per hectare.

Yen Son District has focused on improving the quality of tea products in 8 communes of the planning area, including Tu Quan, My Bang, Phu Lam, Thang Quan, Lang Quan, Phuc Ninh, Tien Bo, Doi Binh communes in order to meet consumer demand.

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