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Say no to tobacco in businesses

TQO - Enterprises in the province have stepped up propaganda to raise awareness for workers in the prevention and control of the harmful effects of tobacco.

Road 232 Joint Stock Company propagates about the harmful effects of tobacco on employees.

Implementing the smoke-free model, many businesses such as: Tan Trao Tea Joint Stock Company, Milk for the Future Co., Ltd., Son Duong Sugar Joint Stock Company have actively communicated about the harmful effects of tobacco, campaigned, reminded workers not to smoke at work.

Companies attach the content of building a smoke-free working environment in the movement of building cultural enterprises; put up smoking ban signs, hang posters and pictures on the effects of tobacco on human health in easily observed areas. Many units have separate areas for smokers.

At the same time, businesses often have organized activities such as football and volleyball to encourage the development of physical training and sports movements, helping employees have good health, and improving labor productivity.

To date, 75% of agencies, units and businesses in the province hang the sign "No smoking" at the workplace; the number of union members and employees who smoke has decreased markedly.

In the coming time, trade unions and businesses will continue to promote the propagation of the Law on Prevention of Tobacco Harms among union members and employees at enterprises; deploying and replicating the movement to build a smoke-free working environment.

Thuy Nga

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