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Highlights in improving investment environment

TQO - The survey regarding the District Competitiveness Index (DCI) has created a strong impact on the awareness and actions of district, departments, and agencies in Tuyen Quang province which in turn will help to devise solutions to improve the investment and business environment.

The DCI index has played a positive role in surveying how satisfied enterprises, cooperatives, and household businesses are in terms of economic management capacity and improvements to the business investment environment.

Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vu Tien Loc, affirmed that Tuyen Quang is truly a bright spot in revising the working style of its civil servants for the satisfaction of the business community and spurring inspiration for businesses to invest in the locality.

The one-stop shop division of Son Duong district works effectively, contributing to improving the DCI index.

Tuyen Quang has attracted large corporations to invest in areas that the province has strengths in such as VinGroup, DABACO, Woodsland, FLC and others. This is a key premise for Tuyen Quang to make more comprehensive and further solid development in the future.

The DCI index has seen many changes in 2019, demonstrating the efforts of districts and departments in enhancing the business and investment environment. With no scores below 85, many districts and departments made strong breakthroughs.

Chairman of the People's Committee of Son Duong district Pham Van Luong, said that the district invited leaders of provincial departments and sectors to join the district to clear land to facilitate enterprises to implement their projects. The district also directed its professional agencies to directly assist enterprises in preparing records to carry out projects. The Chairman of the People's Committee of Son Duong district announced a "hotline" phone number so that enterprises’ problems can be handled directly and more efficiently.

The conduct of the DCI index in the past five years has created a "race" among departments, sectors, districts and cities to create an attractive investment environment for enterprises. In 2020, the province will promote the application of information technology in granting business certificates and in guiding procedures to establish new enterprises and others.

Song Gam

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