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Beef cattle raising cooperative model developed in Hung My Commune

TQO - In 2019, the Tuyen Quang provincial Women’s Union selected Hung My communal Women’s Union in Chiem Hoa District to develop the model for a beef cattle raising cooperative group towards commodity production.

The cooperative group of beef cattle raising towards commodity production in Hung My Commune was formed in June 2019. The group has 15 members from ethnic minority groups and near-poor households who are each raising at least one ox.

The cow raising model of member Ly Minh Chau in Dong Hamlet, Hung My Commune, Chiem Hoa District. 

Once the model was put into operation, each member was allowed to borrow VND15 million at zero percent interest to buy breeders to increase herds. Borrowers must pay back the capital within three terms per three years.

The locality has elected the Cooperative Group management board including 3 members and promulgated operation regulations. Accordingly, the board is responsible for coordinating with local veterinary staff to supervise the process of care and prevention of disease for the cattle.

The Commune Women's Union, in collaboration with the Commune People's Committee and the district’s veterinary service, has organised three training sessions to instruct its members on raising beef cattle and reproductive cows as well as on methods of disease prevention and vaccination.

After 1 year, the number of beef cattle within the cooperative group has increased by 15. The association continues to support women in developing animal husbandry in a closed cycle (beef cattle raising in association with earthworm breeding and grass growing).

Thu Hương

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