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Pagodas in Truong Sa Island District

TQO - In the middle of the vast ocean, the peaceful pagodas in Truong Sa island district (Khanh Hoa) are like a note of peace, adding intense vitality to the green islands at the head of the wind and waves, the sacred continental shelf of Vietnam.

A pagoda on Sinh Ton floating island.

Truong Sa Pagoda, also known as Big Truong Sa Pagoda (Truong Sa island district).

Many trees are planted around Truong Sa Pagoda.

Soldiers and people on Da Tay A island go to pagoda at the beginning of the year, praying for a new year with good health and peace.

Amidst the storms and winds, the sound of the temple bell echoed, making people's hearts calm down and strangely peaceful.

The roof tiles of pagodas in Truong Sa are printed with the Vietnamese National Emblem.

Quoc Viet

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