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Creating raw material areas and boost the consumption of lemons

TQO - As the first person to bring the four-season lemon tree to the locality, Khong Van Nam in Doi Can Ward (Tuyen Quang City) always sets goal of bringing the lemons of his hometown beyond the scope of the countryside market and appear at supermarkets in big cities and even exported to foreign countries.

VietGAP lemon growing area of Viet Bac Hi-tech Agriculture Cooperative, Doi Can Ward (Tuyen Quang City).

Realizing that only the establishment of a cooperative can achieve his goal, in 2017, under the guidance of Farmers' Associations at all levels, he organized to mobilize members and farmers in the ward to establish a cooperative named Doi Can Vegetable and Fruit Tree Cooperative and he was trusted as the director of cooperative with 9 members (now Viet Bac Hi-tech Agriculture Cooperative). The members of the cooperative are helped by him with seeds, technical guidance and product sales contracts.

He studied the State's incentive policies, built a clean production model, in addition to keeping product consumption relationships with traders in the provinces. He actively "knocked on" businesses to consume agricultural products. After many years, he obtained "sweet fruit" when he linked with Omega Phu Tho Company to bring four-season lemon products into the chain of supermarkets in the country.

Currently, the cooperative's lemon production area is signed contract by large enterprises such as Winmart and Coop Mart to associate with product consumption.

Cooperatives create regular jobs for 15 people with incomes from VND6 million - VND12 million per month and seasonal workers from VND200,000 to VND250,000 per person per day.

To diversify products, he invested more machines and equipment for producing lemon juice. In addition, he is incubating and researching a project to produce dishwashing liquid and shampoo from lemon. For him, it is both a joy and a responsibility to continue to "drive" the growing cooperative boat.

Hai Huong

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