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Tuyen Quang develops urban infrastructure construction

TQO - Tuyen Quang city is gradually completing and improving the criteria of II-grade urban areas and striving to achieve the criteria of I-grade urban areas by 2030.

Accordingly, many programs and work plans to ensure urban order and civilization in the city have been approved, such as the Urban Development Program of Tuyen Quang City to 2025, orientation to 2030; Project on building Tuyen Quang city centre in the direction of smart city, period 2021-2025, orientation to 2030; The plan on building and developing the city to become a I-grade city, etc.

A corner of Nong Tien Ward.

In the past year, from various sources of capital, the city has focused on investing in renovating and embellishing main roads and streets to build civilized urban streets. At the same time, the local authorities have continued to complete the technical infrastructure system in new residential areas and clear the ground, prepare necessary conditions for the construction of new urban, residential, and important projects, including Tuyen Quang - Phu Tho expressway project connecting with Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway; Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang Expressway; urban development trunk road from Tuyen Quang city to Yen Son district center (Km14 National Highway 2 Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang); route from Tuyen Quang city centre (National Highway 2, bypassing Tuyen Quang city) to My Lam ward, etc.

In addition, the city continues to invest in upgrading construction and completing a number of streets in residential areas, sidewalks as well as planting trees, installing urban lighting and electricity systems.

Thu Huong

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