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Unique cultural feature of Dao Cooc Ngang people

TQO - “Cap Sac” ritual plays a sacred and important role in the spiritual life of the Dao Cooc Ngang people, a subgroup of the Dao ethnic group, in Trung Son Commune, Yen Son District.

Accordingly, a man who is eligible to be granted with “Cap Sac” must be coming of age and married. Once the “Cap Sac” ritual has been completed, he can receive a name from the gods and will be allowed to conduct worshipping rituals and communicate with people in the underworld. As a result, Dao Cooc Ngang men must perform the traditional “Cap Sac” ceremony no matter how difficult their living conditions are.

In preparation for the “Cap Sac” ritual, they must carefully select a blessed day and prepare offerings including rice, wine, and pork. Before conducting the ceremony, a pig is slaughtered as an offering to the gods.

A “Cap Sac” ritual of the Dao Cooc Ngang people.

To begin the ritual, the man dresses in his new outfit, sits on a chair and follows the orders of the ritual, during which he is first granted three lamps, then seven and twelve lamps for the higher levels.

Shamans light up the candles while dancing, chanting and sprinkling rice on the man’s body. During the “Cap Sac” ritual, he receives significant teachings on directing people to goodness, including showing respect to his ancestors, being grateful to his parents, and living sincerely and courageously.

At the end of the ceremony, the families slaughter a pig to thank their ancestors and deities while shamans continue dancing to bid farewell to the gods. Within Dao Cooc Ngang people’s beliefs, they must bring the gods home to where they reside.

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