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The purchasing power of gold on the day of the god of wealth decreases

TQO - Today, January 31 (January 10th in Lunar Calendar) is the day of the god of wealth. However, the purchasing power of gold of local people in Tuyen Quang on this day decreased compared to every year even though the price of gold did not increase.

Local people buy gold on the day of the god of wealth at Tuan Anh Jewelry Store on August 17 Street, Phan Thiet Ward (Tuyen Quang City).

At many gold, silver and gem stores in Tuyen Quang City, the number of people going to buy gold is not much, the largest number is at Tuan Anh Jewelry Store (Phan Thiet Ward).

Nguyen Tuan Anh, owner of Tuan Anh Jewelry Store said that, this year, people's purchasing power of gold is much lower than on the god of wealth day in previous years, although the price of gold is lower than on weekdays.

To prepare for this day, the gold and silver shops in the province have many kinds of products such as gold bars, gold jewelry to meet the needs of consumers.

According to the market, on January 31, the domestic gold price still maintained a falling price. Specifically, the selling price of SJC gold bars was at VND66.4 million - VND67.4 million per tael (buy in - sell out), decreased VND1.1 million per tael compared to afternoon yesterday.

Huy Hoang

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