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KOICA project elevates cooperatives

TQO - The project "Rural area development program in Tuyen Quang Province" funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), has been implemented from 2019-2023 to improve the quality of life of people in Tuyen Quang Province through rural development activities in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

Duc Uy tea planting and processing cooperative group in Trung Son Commune (Yen Son) is supported by KOICA with tea processing equipment.

Project KOICA sponsored with a total cost of more than 18 million USD. Components and activities of the project include: empowering women, raising incomes, improving rural infrastructure, providing good quality education; improving health care services, etc. These activities have brought positive results, contributing to promoting socio-economic development of the province. For the income enhancement component, the project established and supported the operation of 20 cooperative groups and cooperatives.

Since 2019, the KOICA project has supported more than VND8 billion for 12 cooperative groups and 8 cooperatives in the province. In which, the project consulted and established12 new cooperative groups in 2021; organized 71 training courses (maintenance, operation, production and business planning) for more than 1,100 turns of people; built 10 production models, 20 stables for breeding buffaloes, 4 high-tech membrane houses with irrigation equipment, 4 processing workshops and equipment for preliminary processing and packaging; supported 9 cooperative groups and cooperatives to achieve VietGAP certification, etc.

In the coming time, the KOICA project will continue to coordinate with the Provincial Farmers' Association to advise on the establishment of cooperatives, organize training courses to improve the capacity of cooperatives.

Van Anh

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