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Promoting domestic goods to the rural areas

TQO - In order for people in remote areas to have access to high-quality Vietnamese products, activities to bring domestic goods to the countryside have been promoted.

Recently, responding to the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods", the Department of Industry and Trade has supported the construction of many Vietnamese sales points in rural areas.

The goods sold and introduced are 100% produced domestically. Vietnamese branded products are sold eye-catchingly, product information is complete, rich, diverse, good product quality, suitable for tastes, attracting consumers in rural areas.

Promoting Vietnamese sales points in rural areas, in addition to understanding people's needs and tastes to build a distribution network and develop market share in this area, also helps rural consumers have more access to high quality Vietnamese branded products at reasonable prices.

The program to bring Vietnamese goods to rural areas is considered an important trade promotion activity, aiming to promote production, stimulate consumer demand, and create conditions for people in remote areas to easily access goods.

Phuong Dong

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