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My Lam makes full use of its advantages to develop

TQO - Over the years, the Party Committee and local government of My Lam Ward, Tuyen Quang City have focused and effectively implemented solutions to exploit the potential and strengths to promote socio-economic development.

A corner of My Lam ward, Tuyen Quang City.

Along with promoting administrative procedure reform, under the direction of cities, provinces and localities, creating all favorable conditions for enterprises and cooperatives to invest, expand and improve high operational capacity. In addition to small-scale production and business establishments and households, there are also businesses and cooperatives operating mainly in the fields of transportation, mechanics, construction materials, food processing, fashion, banking services are evenly distributed in residential groups.

In addition, forming commercial and service areas has created a civilised urban appearance. Currently, in the ward, there are 190 households and individuals with production and business activities, 12 companies and cooperatives, creating jobs for 100 local workers.

Up date, the residential group has 3 economic models developed in the direction of business and trading for high income with an income of over VND100 million per year.

In 2021, the value of handicraft production, services and trade is estimated at VND20.8 billion. The average income per capita in the area is VND48 million per year. There are 42 poor households, accounting for 2.41%. Infrastructure is invested in construction, cultural and social fields are paid attention, national defense and security and social order and safety are maintained.

In the coming time, My Lam Ward will continue to have specific solutions to exploit the local potentials and advantages, create driving force for socio-economic development.

Minh Thuy

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