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Discovering Na Hang

TQO - Na Hang district encompasses a total natural area of 863,54 square kilometres, with diversity of the land resources. The ecological lake covers an area of over 8,000 hectare with many famous tourist destinations. Fauna in the nature reserve has biodiversity, with 90 animals, 263 birds, 61 reptiles, 35 amphibians, including 13 species in the Vietnam Red Book, such as the white cheeked gibbon.

Na Hang has many beautiful destinations, such as Pac Ta mountain, Phia Muon cave, Na Chao cave, Tham Pioong cave, Pac Ban waterfall and Pac Hau waterfall; along with many spiritual tourist sites such as Pac Ta and Pac Vang temples. In particular, the cultural village of Dao Tien ethnic people in Khau Trang village, Hong Thai commune, with homestay services.

Hong Thai terraced fields.

Coming to Na Hang, visitors will also have an opportunity to enjoy festivals, such as the Tong Tong festival; Tay ethnic people’s festival on pounding young sticky rice; folk songs, folk dances, special traditional costumes of the Red Dao, Dao Tien and Tay ethnic people. The unique cultural identities of the local people and the scenery of the Na Hang highland attract visitors.

Na Hang also has specialties such as corn wine, Shan Tuyet tea, Kia Tang tea, Con Lon duck, glutinous rice, dried bamboo shoots, green peas, soybeans, safe vegetables, strawberries, Hong Thai pear, dried buffalo meat, and Na Hang clean fish.

Na Hang Ecological Lake.

In recent years, the district has paid attention to the preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage values, that linked with tourism activities. The district has given special priority to developing tourism infrastructure with 22 existing tourist accommodation facilities; initially developing the type of community tourism.

If in 2016, the number of tourists coming to Na Hang reached 78,741, social revenue from tourism reached over VND62.9 billion, then in the first 10 months of 2019, the number of tourists reached 145,000.

Tourism industry in Na Hang increasingly prosperous, bringing about expectations in the future.

Song Gam

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