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Attracting visitors back

TQO - In recent years, Tuyen Quang tourism has gradually prospered due to stimulus activities and a series of efforts of the province, authorities and localities. The number of tourists arriving each time there is an event or festival shows that.

However, drawing tourists back is still a long story. Because through each event, there is still a situation of cutting corners, environmental sanitation problems, and overloading of the restaurant and hotel system; quality of some tourism products, etc.

It can be said that the above problems are not common. But with the speed at which social networks spread today, just one bad image or an unhappy story can affect the decision of many tourists to choose a destination.

To overcome that sad phenomenon, in the long term, a process of education and communication is needed to raise awareness of each person in society.

But in the short term, there needs to be coordination of many industries, fields, localities and people to create local attractiveness, to create emotions, retain and bring tourists back.

According to experts, it is necessary to strengthen public-private dialogue between people and businesses and state management agencies to harmonize interests and benefit everyone, including tourists. Next, there must be a handshake to build a memorable product, introducing all the unique features of the local cultural treasure to tourists. And it is also necessary to have the hands of people who are directors, cultural, architectural, and knowledgeable about history to create attractive tourism products from available resources. Transgender shows in Thailand or shows staged by Zhang Yimou in Chinese destinations are vivid examples of this.

Besides traditional methods, it is necessary to strongly implement digital marketing and destination management to create a beautiful, friendly and hospitable image; Avoid arising fears when traveling such as traffic jams, traffic accidents, theft, robbery, solicitation of customers to buy or sell, or unsanitary public toilets, unclean destinations, and not protecting the environment. If visitors have a better experience, without negative impacts, they will definitely return.

Sustainable tourism should not and cannot rely solely on natural resources - a finite factor.

Therefore, investing more in new, unique tourism products and improving service quality will create opportunities to bring tourists back.

Thai An

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