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Tuyen Quang holds defensive exercise in 2023

TQO - The Party Committee, government, and armed forces of the province are promoting the spirit of solidarity, overcoming difficulties, actively doing all preparation work, so that the defensive zone exercise takes place on time.

Officers and soldiers of the Ministry of National Defense of the province are completing defensive combat simulations in exercises.

The defensive exercise in Tuyen Quang province has a scale of 1 party, 3 levels (province, district, commune) including 31 contents.

The exercise is titled "Transforming the provincial armed forces into combat readiness states, transforming localities into defense states; Organize preparations and practice defensive operations".

The agencies, units and localities participating in the exercise all showed high spirit and determination.

To date, 45 out of 45 agencies and units have practiced for the second time or more.

Thanh Phuc

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