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Unique wedding of the Pu Peo people

TQO - Although only about 20 Pu Peo ethnic households reside in Tuyen Quang Province, they still preserve their traditional culture, including the beauty of their weddings. 

Pu Peo marriage follows a unique custom: If a man marries a woman, boys from the bride's lineage will not allowed to get married to girls from the groom's lineage. After their weddings, the bride will take the surname of her husband instead of the last name of her biological parents. 

Since ancient times, Pu Peo men and women have been free to learn with each other and date. Therefore, their wedding procedures are always simple and special.

The Pu Peo men and women freely learn together, date and love each other before getting married.

During the wedding, all members of both the bride and groom’s families are dressed in their traditional clothes. All wedding gifts from the groom’s family brought to the bride’s family must be wrapped in red paper. 

The wedding takes place at the bride’s house for a day. The next morning, a friend of the bride (bridesmaid) carries her out of the gate to go to her husband’s home. When going there, both the bride and groom pray to their ancestors to officially recognise the bride as a member of their family. 

Nowadays, the beauty of the Pu Peo wedding is still preserved, contributing to diversifying the cultural features of Tuyen Quang. 

Hoang Anh

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