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Na Hang grows clean vegetables

TQO - Located in the core of special-use forests with cool climate all year round, Khau Tinh commune in Na Hang district, Tuyen Quang province has a big advantage as clean vegetables can grow and so can supply to the market to improve the incomes of its local people.

Local people in Khau Tinh village, Khau Tinh commune, Na Hang district grow safe vegetables.

The commune has developed a plan to use cropland to grow organic vegetables and vegetables meeting VietGAP standards since 2017 including short-term crops such as cabbage, chayote, kohlrabi, and others.
The Khau Tinh Agricultural Service Cooperative has coordinated with functional agencies to train local farmers on off-season vegetable planting techniques. The cooperative is currently working with 11 households to grow safe vegetables in accordance with VietGap standards to supply to the market.
Local people also use crushed chili and garlic to spray the vegetables to kill insects to facilitate the growth of vegetables. This planting process takes longer than normal planting process but vegetables are guaranteed to be safe and clean.
In the near future, the Khau Tinh Agricultural Service Cooperative will cooperate with restaurants, supermarkets and clean vegetable traders in Na Hang town, Tuyen Quang city to sell vegetables for the local people in a bid to enhance the value of VietGAP and organic vegetables and increase incomes for the locals.


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