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Developing multi-value agriculture

TQO - The Spring atmosphere is covering throughout the villages. 2023 is the year that marks the economic development of Na Hang district, especially multi-value agriculture, thereby creating products that ensure quality standards, helping to improve people's lives.

Advantages of agricultural development

In 2023, Shan Tuyet Hong Thai tea product, type 1 shrimp 1 leaf, is the only product of the province proposed to be upgraded from 4 stars to 5 stars to be among the top products of “Gold-Quality Vietnam Agriculture”. This also confirms the good agricultural position of Na Hang district.

Hong Thai commune has more than 20 hectares of Shan Tuyet tea recognized as meeting organic standards, this is the largest organic tea area in the province. To enhance the value and develop the local specialty tea area, in recent years, the district government and people have always made efforts to build brands and connect to find outlets for product consumption.

Coming to Na Hang, visitors can experience making dry vermicelli of the Tay ethnic people in Da Vi commune.

Currently, the total area of Shan Tuyet tea material area in the commune has increased to over 64 hectares, including 29 hectares of ancient tea hundreds of years old, and 35 hectares of tea grown over 25 years old being grown by Son Tra Cooperative in Hong Thai commune (Na Hang) cooperates with households in the area to protect, care for and harvest.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Pho, Deputy Director of Son Tra Cooperative, said that all stages from planting, caring for, harvesting, and processing Shan Tuyet tea of the Cooperative follow organic standards, ensuring no pests, no use Use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, do not mix or flavor. The local Shan Tuyet Hong Thai tea product, type 1 shrimp, 1 leaf, is completing a dossier to request the National OCOP Council to upgrade its rating from 4 stars to 5 stars. When achieving 5 OCOP stars, the brand and value of the product will certainly be enhanced.

Currently, the district has many products granted trademarks, produced according to VietGAP and organic standards and 28 products achieving provincial level OCOP such as Na Hang leavened corn wine, Hong Thai safe vegetables, fish from Na Hang hydroelectric lake, Shan Tuyet Hong Thai tea, etc.

2023 is also the year that Na Hang district's agricultural sector achieves many outstanding achievements. During the year, total food output reached more than 10,183 tons, up 0.4% over the same period; The total area of major fruit trees is over 366.2 hectares, an increase of 6.2% over the same period; The existing tea tree area is nearly 1,380 hectares and the output is over 4,105 tons.

Aquaculture also brings good income to people. Up to now, the whole district has over 8,371 livestock raising households, the number of livestock farming households according to the scale of farms and ranches is increasing; The total livestock and poultry herd is maintained and develops stably with over 14,300 buffaloes and cows.

Developing agricultural tourism

With typical agricultural products, in recent years Na Hang has combined tourism with agriculture, this connection has brought economic efficiency to the people.

More and more tourists come to Na Hang, more agricultural products are sold, and farmers' income is increased. Ms. Nguyen Lan Phuong, a tourist from Hanoi, shared that when traveling to Na Hang, her family participated in the experience of picking ancient Shan Tuyet tea, catching field carp in terraced fields, and visiting the tourist cultural village.

Mr. To Viet Hiep, Chairman of Na Hang District People's Committee, said that the district's goal is not only to increase the value of agricultural products, but agriculture must go hand in hand and support the development of other industries, especially tourism. To attract agricultural tourism, the district has developed a plan to develop agricultural and forestry production, which combines tourism development with agricultural economic development. For Hong Thai commune, it is necessary to maintain and take good care of pear gardens, develop flower and vegetable growing, and plan fields for sowing in the right seasonal frame, with the same variety, so that the rice is ripe and golden to develop tourism. Thanks to that, people have additional income from photography and other services when tourists come to visit.

Agricultural tourism contributes to sustainable economic development for the people of Na Hang district. Not only does it bring economic value, multi-value agriculture helps people protect the environment but also preserves and promotes unique local cultural features, enhancing the value of agricultural production.

Cao Huy

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