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Tuyen Quang actively welcomes tourists at the beginning of the year

TQO - Localities in Tuyen Quang Province have proactively organized many tourism experiences to attract visitors at the beginning of the year.

Tourists visit Tan Trao special national relic site in Son Duong District.

This year Na Hang District will organize the Na Hang Fragrance Festival at district level. The festival will have many activities to attract tourists such as the geographical indication announce of Na Hang corn wine, Na Hang Shan Tuyet Tea Festival, and camping activities in Phieng Bung, etc.

Lam Binh District also actively planned to organize activities for tourism development. In particular, many communes such as Minh Quang, Phuc Son, Xuan Lap, Hong Quang and Binh An will also organize the Long Tong Festival, the Pa Then fire dance festival and the cultural festival of the ethnic minorities to welcome tourists

In Ham Yen District, traditional festivals such as Dong Tien festival and Ham Yen countryside market, Thut traditional market festival will also be held after delayed years due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

In Tuyen Quang City, many special festivals will also take place such as Huong Nghiem pagoda festival, Gieng Tanh communal house festival, Song Linh communal house festival, Lo river boat racing festival, Ha temple festival, Thuong temple festival, etc.

At the beginning of the new year, the Tan Trao Communal Season Bridge Festival (Son Duong) will still be maintained in association with the organization for visitors to visit Tan Lap Cultural Village and historical sites.

The proactive organization of large-scale festivals and cultural activities and folk games imbued with national cultural identity at the beginning of the year will contribute to stimulating tourism, attracting tourists to visit Tuyen Quang.

Thuy Chau

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