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Tuyen Quang’s tourism sector makes more efforts following novel coronavirus epidemic

TQO - All localities in Tuyen Quang Province had to postpone and cancel many festivals or limit tours during the early spring due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (nCoV), which have greatly affected the tourism sector of the province.

The number of visitors to Tuyen Quang Province during the new year days declined compared to the same period of the last year.

The provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued Official Letter No. 57 /SVHTTDL-QLDL on strengthening the prevention and control of the acute respiratory infection, which is caused by a new strain of Corona virus. Accordingly, the Department asked the City and districts to cancel all festivals, including ones that had already opened, as well as crowded cultural and sport events. In addition, all activities at the historical and cultural relic sites and tourist attractions were postponed until further notice. The localities must coordinate with the provincial Department of Health to isolate and manage tourists after detecting the suspected cases of nCOV infection.

The number of visitors and ceremonies in Hang Pagoda in Tuyen Quang City decreased sharply due to coronavirus threat.

The province set a target of welcoming over two million visitors and earn VND1.901 trillion from tourism in 2020. However, it’s likely to be difficult for the locality to achieve these targets, especially in term of the number of tourists.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism also proposed several measures, including the enhancement of tourism promotion activities after the epidemic is over, especially during the summer and the Tuyen Quang City Festival 2020.

The Department will also urge the enterprises to quickly implement the projects related to tourism, particularly in the Na Hang ecological lake area; continue to maintain the Tourism Portal for the project on "building a smart tourism system", helping visitors to select appropriate destinations; and boost the linkage with agencies and travel enterprises in the neighbouring provinces to attract more visitors.

Hoang Minh

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