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Tourism development in Lam Binh – a valuable jewel

TQO - Lam Binh District has many potentials and advantages for tourism development, requiring local authorities to choose rational measures to promote the opportunities and overcome challenges.

Lam Binh’s scenery

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Duong Van Sau, Head of the Tourism Studies Department under the Hanoi University of Culture, Lam Binh should take accurate and firm step as well as set long-term strategies and appropriate policies to attract further investment. Specifically, the district needs to focus on developing uninterrupted waterway and road transport; training human resources with typical styles for tourism; promoting the creation of folk culture, cuisine and specialities; and protecting the environment.

Prof. Sirilak Sriphachan from Thailand’s Sakon Nakhon University said that the majestic and pristine scenery along with unique cultural values of ethnic minority groups in Lam Binh are quite suitable for directors to make the films’ scenes. The films will inspire visitors’ curiosity.

“Lam Binh is like a valuable jewel of not only Tuyen Quang Province but also the whole northern mountainous region, because it possesses all the beauty of nature, ethnic culture and agricultural culture”, noted Dr. Ngo Kieu Oanh, a former official from Vietnam Academy of Science. She has also proposed measures for tourism development in Lam Binh for coming 5-10 years such as: building a master plan for socio-economic development; protecting natural heritages, culture and agriculture; developing typical agricultural models and rural tourism economic models.

Dr. Vu Quynh Loan from Tan Trao University shared that Lam Binh tourism has been “"awakened" but has not yet "taken off". She found that Facebook and YouTube are the two most popular social networks for promoting the district’s tourism. She emphasised that it is crucial to form a specialised department consisting of staff with high knowledge and skills as well as proficiency in social networks and internet marketing to build and manage social pages on local tourism.

Phan Anh

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