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Phieng Bung – A miniature version of  Da Lat in the jungle

TQO - Thanks to the gorgeous scenery, fresh climate, and year-round flowering, Phieng Bung forest park in Nang Kha commune, Na Hang district (Tuyen Quang) is considered to be the miniature version of Dat Lat in the jungle.

Visitors are attracted to Phieng Bung by a plethora of flowers blooming along both sides of the road including orchid, bougainvillaea, sun flowers and daisies. Phieng Bung lures most tourists as a result of its 10-year-old manglietia conifera forest. It is an ideal place for couples to take their wedding photos or for families to relax at the weekends and on holidays.

 Phieng Bung forest park in Nang Kha commune is highlighted by Na Hang district authorities as a destination to attract significant tourism and investment.

Phieng Bung is more than 180 hectares in size. Fauna and flora are relatively plentiful and abundant with a large number of rare and valuable trees as well as animals such as larks, nightingales, squirrels and giraffes. The local people of  Phieng Bung mainly belong to the ethnic minority groups Tay, Cao Lan, Dao with their distinctive Then, Coi, Pao Dung rhythm.

From Phieng Bung, visitors can easily see the impressive scenery of Na Hang with its poetic bio-natural lake. Each landscape there is closely connected to ancient legend and mythology.

Because of its remarkable natural beauty, Phieng Bung was the place where Na Hang authorities in late 2019 held a ceremony to receive the National Certificate of Intangible Cultural Heritage of decorative art for the traditional costumes of the Red Dao people. Phieng Bung is an area not to be missed in any tourist’s journey whilst discovering Na Hang.

Hoang Anh

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