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Exploring Dum Mountain - Heaven’s Gate in Tuyen Quang city’s heart

TQO - With its fresh and cool climate, the Dum Mountain – Heaven’s Gate ecotourism complex, which is located in villages 15 and 16 in Trang Da Commune, Tuyen Quang City, is considered a "Tam Dao" in the heart of the city by many tourists.

The Dum Mountain - Heaven's Gate ecotourism site, which covers a total area of 2,000 hectares has been dubbed a green lung of the city thanks to its plentiful and diverse flora. The site possesses many beautiful caves such as Ba Cun, Doi, and Nga Voi.

The Dum Mountain – Heaven’s Gate ecotourism complex is considered a "Tam Dao" in the heart of the city.

Dum Mountain – Heaven’s Gate has also attracted visitors because of many beautiful waterfalls including Dat Tu Khang, Cam, and Cong Troi. Local households have taken advantage of the fresh water to build pools at the foot of Dum Mountain to entertain young people during hot summer.

Standing on the Heaven's Gate, tourists can see the overview of Tuyen Quang City surrounded by the Lo River. The Heaven's Gate area stretches adjacent to Dong Quan Hamlet in Tan Long Commune, Dang Hamlet in Tan Tien Commune (Yen Son District) and Dum Village in Nong Tien Ward (Tuyen Quang City).

Along the Dum Mountain - Heaven's Gate site, there are three sacred and ancient temples which were built in the 18th century, including Mau Thuong, Cam, and Ghenh Quyt.

Tuyen Quang City is now attracting organisations, individuals and enterprises to invest in the development of the Dum Mountain - Heaven’s Gate ecotourism complex, contributing to fully tapping the city's tourism potential as well as gradually improving the locals’ lives and creating new tourism outlets.

Hoang Anh

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