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Keeping the furnace’s flame burning

TQO - With the development of society, many machines and tools to support production labor appeared, but the blacksmiths in Phuc Ung never thought of giving up the tradtional cratf that has been passed down through generations.

Products of Luong The Nho's family in Khuon Rang Village, Phuc Ung Commune (Son Duong) are consumed both inside and outsode the province.

Determined to keep the "fire" of the forge, Luong The Nho in Khuon Rang Hamlet, Ung Son Commune boldly invested and equipped more than VND1 billion to carry out the stages in the production line. In the past, he created 2 - 3 handmade products each day. Now, thanks to application of equipments, he can make 7-8 products per day.

Nho's smithy sells over 1,200 products each month. His total annual income is over VND10 billion. Minusing his expenses, he earns over VND500 million in profit.

Currently, he has promoted sales through e-commerce channels. He has a team of sales collaborators of nearly 20 peole. His products have been sold in all provinces of Vietnam and some neighboring countries.

In Phuc Ung Commune, there are only 5 smithies with the main products of chopping knives, hoes, shovels, etc. These products have created a stable source of income for blacksmith.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Phuc Ung Commune Duong Xuan Tuan said that forging products are being researched, assessed and registered as OCOP products of the commune in 2023.

Forging craft is passed down many generations, and no one knows that how many products have been created to meet the need of customers. However, one thing is for sure, the echoing sound of hammers striking iron and the smell of coal fire have penetrated deeply into the subconscious, molding the passion of each blacksmith in Phuc Ung Commune.

Thu Trang

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