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Tuyen Quang – The land of folktales

TQO - Tuyen Quang Province is home to unique cultural features and gorgeous scenery which have close attachment to ancient legends and mythologies. As time has passed, the province’s repertoire of fairy tales and folktales have been handed down through generations.

Chiem Hoa District possesses unique cultural values. Tay and Dao ethnic patriarchs and artisans are known as the living source of fairy tales, including “A legend of Nang Pass”, “A legend of Ban Ba Waterfall”, “Frog King” and ‘The Canna edulis tree”.

Meanwhile, Na Hang District has lured most listeners with many attractive stories such as “Legend of Co Yeng Pass”, “Legend of Phac Phien flower” and “Crow King”, while “Legend of Tin Toc waterfall”, “The origin of weaving craft in Lang Can” and ‘A legend of 99 mountains in Thuong Lam” have been passed down orally by local people in Lam Binh District.

Lam Binh District possesses many ancient folk tales.

These ancient stories have been widely spread orally. Therefore, the preservation of these stories faces a great deal of challenges as well as the danger of falling into oblivion.

To address the problem, a large number of local folklore culturists and writers including writers Phu Ninh, Ma Van Duc, and Tong Dai Hong and artisans Ha Thuan and Nguyen Don have collected and safeguarded ancient stories.

Furthermore, some Tuyen Quang folktales have been included in the literature curriculum at Tan Trao University to help students grasp a deeper understanding of their origin and inspire their patriotism.

Tuyen Quang Province’s fairy tales and folk tales are imbued with lyrical and realistic interpretation which convey profound messages to readers. A number of them have been adapted into stage plays. To sum up, the fairy tales have maintained remarkable vitality while serving as an invaluable asset for future generations.

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