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Preserving traditional costumes of H’mong people in Na Pin Hamlet

TQO - Located on a mountain slope, Na Pin Hamlet, Nang Kha Commune, Na Hang District borders Bac Kan Province. It is home to 135 households who are all ethnic H’mong people.

H’mong people in Na Pin Hamlet dressed in their traditional costumes.

Every day, women in Na Pin Hamlet still preserve their traditional cultural identity by making their unique clothes. They often exchange embroidery experience with each other during their free time.

In the past, there were many steps to completing a traditional H’mong costume: planting flax, weaving, dyeing indigo then embroidering, printing beeswax, tailoring and putting pieces of fabric together. It took from 3 to 4 months, even a year, to complete an outfit.

A H’mong woman often has from 2 to 3 outfits while richer individuals can own up to 10. It is compulsory that a woman must wear traditional clothes during her wedding.

Nowadays, thanks to greater economic development, the H’mong people no longer grow cotton to weave and dye indigo as they used to before. Instead, they go to upland markets to buy clothes and other accessories and then tailor and decorate them to their own preference and custom.

Canh Truc

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