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Lam Binh goat’s meat

TQO - Lam Binh is an great place to breed goats and is famous for dishes made with goat meat, such as stir-fried goat meat, steamed goat meat, goat hotpot. Among those dishes, rare goat meat and grilled goat meat are favourable food of local people.

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The process of cooking rare goat is quite simple. The main ingredient is fresh goat meat, including thick lean meat and thin skin. Because goat meat usually has a strong and weird smell, therefore, the cook must get rid of that smell before cooking. A piece of goat meat is washed carefully and steamed until rare and then cut into thin slices and mixed with spices such as lemon juice, ginger, garlic, pepper and sliced lemon leaves.

Meanwhile, grilled goat meat has its own unforgettable taste. To make this dish, after being washed, a piece of goat meat is pounded softly by a meat tenderizer. Next, the goat meat is mixed with a little of rice wine and crushed ginger to remove the weird goat smell, and the is marinated with sitronella, chilly, onion and chopped ginger during 30 minutes. Finally, the maker grill it on the charcoal stove and flip over until it is golden brown on both sides.

Both rare goat meat and grilled goat meat are often served with unripe bananas, carambola, fig leaves and soy sauce together with some slices of ginger.

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