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Developing Then Singing Club in Ban Nhung Hamlet

TQO - Over the past years, the Then Singing Club in Ban Nhung Hamlet, Nang Kha Commune, Na Hang District has operated effectively, contributing to the spread of Then singing and “dan tinh” (gourd lute) within the community.

The maintenance and development of the Then Singing Club has been considered as a unique tourism product in Nang Kha Commune. Initially, the commune authorities developed Ban Nhung Hamlet’s Then Singing Club into a core and then replicated this model in other villages.

Ban Nhung Hamlet is located 7 kilometre from the centre of the commune. The hamlet has nearly 50 households, mostly Tay ethnic minority people. Currently, Hoang Lien Son, who has great passion for and knowledge of Then singing, is the head of the club.

Members of the Then Singing Club in Ban Nhung Hamlet practicing“dan tinh” (gourd lute) and Then singing in the beginning of 2020.

Thanks to his expertise and enthusiasm, Hoang Lien Son has mobilized more than 30 members inside and outside the hamlet to join the club. In addition to teaching the practice of Then and “dan tinh” (gourd lute), the club also has made significant contribution in encouraging the locals to eagerly emulate the production and build a new lifestyle.

The club frequently takes part in district and provincial festivals of Then singing and “dan tinh” (gourd lute) and won many high prizes. Specifically, with an excerpt from the “soi huong” song, the club won the excellence prize at the 2014 Tuyen Quang Then Singing and “Tinh Tau” (gourd lute) Festival. Furthermore, its play entitled “Diem le diem bang” won the A prize at the first Then Singing and “Dan Tinh” Festival for Tay and Nung people in Na Hang in 2015.

Nang Kha communal authorities are focusing on developing Na Vai and Na Kha homestay tourist villages as well as the Phieng Bung tourist destination. The Then Singing Club in Ban Nhung Hamlet has helped the locality develop its tourism, leaving deep impressions on visitors. Especially, the club has contributed to preserving and promoting the national cultural identity.

Quang Hoa

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