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‘Bong’ grilled fish

TQO - 'Bong' grilled fish with lemon leaves is a dish that attracts tourists when coming to homestays in the highland districts of Tuyen Quang, because fish not only retains its sweetness but also contains very high nutrition.

'Bong" fish (spinibarbus denticulatus) is a rare fish and mainly raised in cages on Lo river, Gam river and Na Hang - Lam Binh ecological lake in Tuyen Quang.

Hoa Van Ba, owner of Homestay Ba Ngan, Na Lam village, Thuong Lam commune (Lam Binh) said that, the way to make 'bong' grilled fish with lemon leaves is quite simple. After being washed, the fish will be soaked with lemon and clamped with a bamboo stick and then grilled on coal stove.

When grilled, young bamboo stick used to clamp the fish will release water and soak into the fish. This will create a unique flavor unique to the dish.

The dish is served with a few thin slices of star fruit and green bananas.

Grilled fish with lemon leaves is now becoming one of the main dishes in menu at Homestay tourism establishments in the province.

Minh Hoa

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