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Tuyen Quang Province’s farmers start agricultural production after Tet

TQO - After Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival, farmers in Tuyen Quang Province have immediately started on their agricultural production with a strong desire for a bumper crop.

The Province plan to cultivate nearly 19,000 hectares during the spring rice crop of 2020. The cultivation is expected to be completed before February 30. In addition, farmers will gather extra manpower and machines for cultivating corn, beans and peanuts.

The atmosphere surrounding the production emulation covers all communes, wards and towns in Tuyen Quang City, as well as Son Duong, Yen Son and Ham Yen Districts.

Farmers in Tan Cuong Village, Tan An Commune, Chiem Hoa District are preparing rice seeds for sowing.

The Head of the provincial Plant Protection Sub-department has preliminarily checked newly transplanted rice roots which can regenerate quickly. The warm weather of spring will help crops to grow well, however it will also create a favorable environment for pestilent insects to cause harm to farmers crops. The Department asked specialised agencies to intensify monitoring and accurately forecast the insect and disease outlook to take measures to prevent and promptly eliminate them, ensuring a bumper crop.

During this spring crop, the province’s agricultural sector added two new rice varieties: Ha Phat 3 and TPR279. Both are high-quality pure rice varieties that have been evaluated and tested thoroughly.

In order to ensure a successful spring crop, the sector focused on repairing irrigation works and perfecting the intra-field water canal systems. The provincial Sub-department of Water Resources and the Management Board for Irrigation Works promptly informed the city and districts of the water management plan right from the start of the production season.

Up to now, the conversed and additionally pumped water resources during the discharges from the Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir have fundamentally met the demands of soil preparation, cultivation and irrigation for the spring crop for the whole province.

Tran Lien

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