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Facilitating peanut growing models in Minh Quang Commune

TQO - In recent years, peanuts have been grown on a large scale by farmers in Chiem Hoa District’s Minh Quang Commune in the spring crops.

Currently, Minh Quang is one of the leading communes in Chiem Hoa in terms of the peanut production area. The commune cultivates 495 hectares of peanuts every year, of which over 300 hectares are in the fields and the rest in “soi bai” (the alluvial strips floating in the middle of rivers).

Local production of fresh peanuts stands at 950,000 kilogramme with an average yield of 36 quintals per hectare. Every 1000 square metres of cultivation land produces more than 6 quintals of fresh peanuts with an average selling price of VND10,000 per kilogramme.

Local people in Kim Ngoc Hamlet, Minh Quang Commune, Chiem Hoa District, taking care of the spring crop.

The Minh Quang Agroforestry Cooperative supplies the peanut variety L14, then buy all local’s harvested peanuts, normally at a price of between VND9,000-15,000 per kilogramme. On average, the cooperavtive collects about 950 tonnes of fresh peanuts from local farmers each year.

The People’s Committee of Minh Quang Commune has actively coordinated with specialised agencies to organised intensive farming technique training and bring high-quality and high-yielding peanut varieties into production. Local authorities have proactively directed extension workers to grasp the situation of pest and natural disasters as well as manage farmer’s difficulties to help them take better care their peanuts.

Curently, the People’s Committee and the agroforestry cooperative of Minh Quang Commune are continuously improving the quality of linkage chain from peanut production to consumption. Furthermore, they are encouraging farmers to apply the science and technology in production so that it become a key crop capable of generating a stable income for local people.

Cao Huy

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